Meet Us

Hi! We are Amanda and Justine, and we are your all-star awesome book reviewers and bloggers!

Amanda (left) and Justine (right) in our favorite place, Disneyland!

We felt really weird and awkward about writing our own “About Me” sections, so we instead decided to switch it up and write each other’s! Here it goes:

Justine talks about Amanda:

Amanda hails from Alabama. She lives in Gilbert Az and has been for the past few years. Amanda is the kind of girl you just know you want to be friends with after meeting her once. She is so openly friendly and comfortable in her own skin.

Amanda married her high school sweetheart Chad .She was 18 years old when she said, “I do”. She and her husband were featured on MTV’s Engaged and Underaged! She has two incredible little boys named Atreyu and Cassian. She loves her children, comic books, spending time with our friends, Jesus, and hosting anything and everything at her home. She is well spoken and always knows how to handle sticky situations with more finesse then I can imagine anyone possessing. She’s my best friend and the kind that everyone measures their friends by.

Contact Amanda at

Amanda talks about Justine:

Justine is by far the funniest girl I’ve ever met. She keeps me, my husband, and all of our friends laughing all the time, usually at inappropriate jokes we shouldn’t be laughing at. You know who doesn’t laugh as often is her husband, because he’s usually embarrassed by the things she says. And I understand why. But it doesn’t stop me from laughing.

She is married to a great guy, Nathaniel, and they have the cutest daughter ever, Novella. She’s lived in Gilbert, Arizona her entire life and would probably say that she loves it other than the unforgiving heat of the summers. She loves coffee, baking, holidays, and Disney movies. I also love those things, and that’s part of why we are such great friends. The other part is that she really is a fabulous person who not only tells me she cares about me but also shows it through the little things: bringing me coffee, playing with my kids, and texting me whenever there’s a great find in the dollar bins at Target.

Long story short, she’s the bee’s knees!

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Contact both Amanda & Justine at

Hi! We love Goodreads and we would love to connect fellow readers all over!

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5 Responses to “Meet Us”
  1. awwww I like you gals!!

    • amandaliston says:

      WE LIKE YOU TOO! Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  2. Kelley says:

    Hi ladies! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. 😀

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